• Exceptional school readiness program
  • A maximum of 29 children per day
  • Open for children aged 0 to 6, split into four age groups
  • Five nutritious meals served every day
  • Government subsidies
  • Strong community engagement
  • Collaborative extracurricular experiences provided in weekly programs
  • Rated as meeting National Quality Standards


Welcome to Bunny Cottage

Bunny Cottage is a boutique family-owned childcare centre of 29 children per day, opened from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm Monday to Friday, for 50 weeks per year. We close for two weeks at Christmas and for all public holidays.

In order to provide the best educational outcomes for our children, we split them into four age groups. The total number of children at our Bexley childcare centre is 29 per day.

The Tiggywinkles are the 0-2 group with four children per day. The Flopsy Bunnies are the 2-year-old group with eight children per day. The two older groups are the Cottontails (3-4 year olds) and the Puddle Ducks (4-5 year olds). There are 16 children in these two groups.

Our small group sizes allow the children more teacher/child interaction.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Child’s Play Dance and Movement

This is an intimate lesson for children covering dance, rhythm, musical instruments, drama, puppetry, costume and much more. The course helps children develop self-confidence while exploring music and movement from around the world.

Soccer Program

This program covers ball and gross motor skills associated with soccer and general ball skills. It also teaches balance, body control, team skills and much more. It is open to children from 2 years.

The centre provides morning tea and all drinks throughout the day.

Bunny Cottage was rated ‘High Quality’ from 1994 to 2011 in the original rating system. Since the system changed to the National Quality Standard, we have continually met the quality standards to be rated ‘Meeting National Quality Standards’.

What Our Families Say

Six or Seven stars are actually in order here. My youngest boy has just 'graduated' Bunny Cottage and is now off to 'big school'. I am so sad that Sharon and the teachers will not be a part of our daily lives anymore after 7 wonderful years with both my boys. They were nurturing, educating as well as loving to my most precious children. I am not a trusting person by nature when it comes to my children and this small, intimate centre looked after my kids like they were their own. I cannot, truly cannot recommend this Pre-School highly enough.


When the kids get dropped off in the morning I know that they are getting looked after and treated well, there is not a worried bone in my body. after a week of all three of my kids being there I noticed a diffence in speech and development. You ladies are superwomen!


We have had both of our boys at Bunny Cottage since they each were approx 2.5 years. Our oldest boy had been at another day care and would come home crying most days. After only a few days at Bunny Cottage, he was more than happy to go to daycare. What an amazing turnaround. Our youngest has been there 4-5 days a week since he was 2.5, and is off to big school next year after spending three years at "my bunny cottage" as he calls it.



Bunny Cottage Preschool & Long Day Care Centre